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PlayUp is securing its position as the Australian leader in Daily Fantasy Sports covering all major leagues, from Australian favourites AFL and BBL through to international leagues like the NBA and NHL. Registration is free so sign up now so take part in our Ultimate Champion challenge.

As a way to give back to the PlayUp community we will be giving away 1 million PlayChips, our upcoming cryptocurrency, which can be used to enter competitions and place bets on the PlayUp platform. Click below for more information regarding the PlayChip and our upcoming ICO.


Simply enter 3 or more free challenges during the Indian T20 League

The total Global Score of your best 3 challenges determines your position on the Ultimate Champion Leaderboard.

The top 100 on at the end of the Tournament win a prize, Including 1 MILLION PlayChips for the Ultimate Champion.

















11th – 49th
Wins 2,500

50th – 100th
Wins 1,000

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