Data Direct is an industry leader when it comes to data security & GDPR compliance across Australia and South East Asia. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

For GDPR compliance in Australia, businesses that are collecting residents’ personal data for business purposes are required to be data compliant with regards to the storage, use, and privacy of people’s personal information/data.

Some of the key privacy and GDPR compliance requirements include:

  • • Updating your privacy and cookies to comply with the GDPR
  • • Appointment of a data protection officer to oversee GDPR
  • • Requirement of clear consent of individuals for data processing
  • • Protecting privacy by anatomising collected data
  • • Transferring data across borders in a safe and secure manner
  • • Providing data breach warnings and notifications

Data Direct was the first company in Australia to implement these guidelines in both our Privacy Policy and our data collection campaigns and on-going data management protocols.

In terms of our database management our entire Australian database is washed monthly against the Do Not Call Register for mobile numbers and our email list is washed weekly to ensure optimal delivery rates.

We have a dedicated privacy team who manages any consumer opt-outs via email, phone for direct mail in real time and instantly removes these people from or database.

Whether you purchase or lease a database from Data Direct we provide regular suppression file updates to ensure that no-one receives communications from you that hasn’t even permission to do so.

Our privacy team manages all privacy enquiries on your behalf so you can focus on what’s important to your business.


The Master suppression list holds all phone, email and automated unconsent requests.
Automated unsubscribe links are on all email promotions, these are added to the master suppression list.

Phone removal requests are logged and sent to our privacy team, they are then added to the master suppression list.
Emailed removal requests are logged and sent to our privacy team, they are then added to the master suppression list.
DM removal requests are logged and sent to our privacy team,they are then added to the master suppression list.
At all times our data maintenance and privacy team works closely with the Australian Privacy Commission to ensure that we are ahead of the competition when it comes consumers privacy.


Data collection is the process of accumulating and measuring facts, statistics and information from different sources.

Data collection helps organisations make more informed business and marketing decisions by offering insight, answering relevant questions and narrowing down a specific consumer target market.

The Data Direct database of 14.2m records is compiled, maintained and updated via consumer market engagement campaigns such as:

We run the above across multiple platforms including broadcast TV, online, mobile, social media and on-site activations.

Once collected, we mine the mass data set to identify patterns, relationships and discover new and insightful knowledge, with the aim of helping organisations meet their business and marketing goals.