Not For Profits Exclusive Offer

Data Wash & Discount Pricing on all new data acquisitions

Through to December 2023 Data Direct Solutions, one of Australia’s leading data suppliers and a code compliant FIA member, has introduced exclusive new data acquisition rates for all NFPs.

With each new data supply a complete wash of existing datasets will be run against our 13.8m consumer records to validate, update and append available contact details.

Pricing for a stand-alone data validation and append washes are available on request.

Under this exclusive offer all records will be supplied for complete and unlimited use for a full 12 months and include key fields: Name, Age, Address, Mobile and Email 


Who Is Data Direct?

A code compliant FIA Member, Data Direct Solutions is a leading Asia Pacific digital media agency and data insights company, offering B2C solutions via our highly segmented and profiled consumer data universe across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and China.

In Australia Data Direct is a leading supplier of fully compliant opt-in consumer data with over 14.2 million consumer records nationally.

All records having core fields including, but not limited to:

  • Name
  • Residential Address
  • Age Range
  • DOB
  • Mobile
  • Email


Data Direct maintains the largest & most up to date data-set available for organisations from the non-profit sector to use in fundraising campaigns across marketing channels including:

  • EDM (Electronic Direct Mail)
  • SMS Telemarketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media Linkage 

Why Engage Data Direct

Our Data Collection Techniques

As opposed to traditional data companies, we focus on building our audience through engaging content, unique partnerships and in-depth transactions.

This ensures we provide our customers with the most up to date and responsive datasets available.

We Manage All Facets of Consumer Privacy and Compliance

In terms of our database management our entire Australian database is washed monthly against the Do Not Call Register for mobile numbers, and our email list is washed weekly to ensure optimal delivery rates.

We have a dedicated privacy team who manages any consumer opt-outs via email, phone for direct mail in real time and instantly removes these people from our database.

Proven Track Record

Since becoming an official FIA members supplier in 2021 Data Direct has entered into very successful new data supply agreements with a network of FIA Members and NFPs throughout Australia. Speak to our team to learn more about how other NFPs have grown their donor base by tapping into our fully compliant and up to date data network

Who Use Our Data

For More Information contact

Philip McCluskey Sales Director
Mobile: 0406 902 467