Travel Sector

Responsive Travel Database

We have an extensive database of consumers who have opted in to receive marketing material from us and our clients. Below is a breakdown of our total database by country as well as the percentage of people on our database who have engaged with travel content we have produced or distributed.

Travel Industry Experience

Tourism boards, we have worked with include but not limited to:

Airlines we have worked with include but not limited to :

Hotel Groups we have worked for include but not limited to:

Campaign Examples

The following are examples of travel programming both broadcast and online that we have generated targeted travel leads from.

Global Getaways

A weekly travel program broadcast to a combined audience of 30 million viewers each week across Mainland China on The Global Travel Channel. Also, broadcast on video sharing sites globally including China.

Singapore Airlines Looking to capitalize on their strong global brand, We produced the first online video campaign ever run by SIA. Over 4 million targeted viewers engaged with the web series.

Tourism Australia

In conjunction with YouTube, Tourism Australia produced a web series showcasing musical collaborations with Australia as a backdrop. We drove a targeted audience of over 6 million Australian viewers to the series.

24 Hours In

A weekly travel program broadcast on Malaysia’s premier network Astro to a weekly audience of 950,000. Mobile-based completions were integrated into the program to drive the database.

W Hotel Hong Kong & Virgin Atlantic

W Hotel’s were looking to promote the launch of their hotel in Hong Kong. We produced a web series showcasing all that Hong Kong has to offer and engaged Virgin Atlantic to fly in a host of PR consultants from across the region to report on the campaign.
Tiger Beer Branded content series where we covered 18 global acWvaWons for Asia Pacific Breweries flagship beer – Tiger Beer. Ajer struggling with user engagement in the initial stages of the concept Data Direct tripled both ticket sales and online viewership almost instantly upon engagement.